Fed Up With Getting Your Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Applications Rejected? Time To Get In The Driver’s Seat!

Have you had it with getting turned down for commercial real estate mortgage requests? From the outset of this credit crunch we find ourselves in, hard working business people just like you And me have been wishing for a simpler, more reliable means to get our commercial real estate ventures financed. Now is just the right time for you to get in the driver’s seat, take control of the commercial mortgage finance process, and get your projects funded with eye-popping speed and efficiency.

This is an effective, efficient, and extremely powerful commercial real estate finance portal that empowers you to concurrently submit your commercial real estate loan requests to approximately 750 hungry commercial real estate loan officers. After you submit your 4-minute mini-app, this system eliminates all of the commercial lenders which it deems inappropriate lenders (such as: those that don’t operate in your state or other geographical region where your the real estate that you intend to finance happens to be). Then the system gives you a list of roughly 30 of the most suitable commercial mortgage lenders, several of which should be optimal for the commercial mortgage loan that you are looking to get.

In a good economic climate, you can just submit your commercial mortgage application to a typical commercial bank, and chances are that particular commercial lender would approve your funding request. However, in these hard economic times with extremely stringent credit standards, to be able to have even a ghost of a chance of getting your commercial real estate financing request granted, the truth of the matter is, you’d need to apply to hundreds of lenders, which if you were to do by yourself, it would take massive amounts of energy & time.

However, as soon as the 30 or so most appropriate commercial real estate lenders know how to contact you based on the data you’ll have already supplied them, that’s precisely what they’re going to do! Within minutes after you take a potentially exceptionally rewarding few minutes out of your life to complete and submit the mini-application, you’ll have commercial lenders who’re hungry to finance precisely the kind of commercial property transaction that you’re looking to get financed–contacting YOU by email and/or phone–eager to fund your transaction. Pretty darned sweet, huh?

Throughout this current commercial real estate finance drought, this has proven to be a really fast & efficient way to submit commercial real estate loan applications to several commercial mortgage lenders concurrently, which helps you save enormous amounts of time & energy, leaving you more time to focus on your business rather than how to finance it. So, it’s about time you get a feel for just how good it feels to finally be in the commercial real estate mortgage loan driver’s seat!

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